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Held at 12 noon on the first Saturday of every month at the Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre Lecture Hall.  We appreciate bookings to help us with catering, as well as preparation of printed notes for every lecture.   An sms will be gratefully received.  Please note all 12 lectures are completely new lectures! Teas and lunches are ongoing at the Restaurant until 3 pm. PLEASE:  NO children, babies, pets, as these have proved to be distracting as the 1 ½ hour lecture is intense! Price R120.00.  Lecture starts 12 noon. We hope you enjoy our lectures and all the Herbal Centre offers, and thank you for your support.   SAT. 7TH APRIL – SKIN REJUVENATION 2 – Making your own natural and safe remedies for Acne, cellulite, age spots, rashes etc.  Excellent formulas.  This is a hands on workshop with basic kit included @ R300 per person attending.  This class is open for ages 8 – 80.   SAT. 5TH MAY – BUILDING HEALTH AND BRAINPOWER – This is a perfect workshop for the whole family!  Easy and fun recipes using super herbs and super foods.   SAT. 2ND JUNE – COOKERY CLASS 1 – FORAGING – Foraging for medicine and food.  This is an exciting tasting class.   SAT. 9TH JUNE – COOKERY CLASS 2 – HEALTH AND VITALITY – Using the principles of foraging from the 2nd of June. * This is an extra class for sampling, tasting and experiencing healthy cooking at its best!   SAT. 7TH JULY – HEALTHY TEAS FOR HEALTHY LIVING – The benefits of herbal teas for detox, arthritis, flu, ageing etc.   SAT. 4TH AUGUST – ANTI-AGEING TISSUE SALTS – The benefits of Tissue salts in the skin, joints, muscles and brain.   SAT. 1ST SEPTEMBER – 32ND ANNUAL LAVENDER FESTIVAL MAKING MONEY FROM YOUR GARDEN – Growing your own herbs and vegetables for profit.   SAT. 6TH OCTOBER – FAIRY TREASURE HUNT MAKING THE MOST OUT OF SMALL GARDENS – Water wise, health wise and on a budget.   SAT. 3TH NOVEMBER – ANNUAL CHRISTMAS SHOPPING DAY BUILDING HEALTH FOR PETS – Making natural remedies from your garden and using Tissue salts and herbs.   SAT. 1 DECEMBER – HEALING OILS – The long anticipated healing oil class on how to use oils safely.  With recipes.

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