Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre -

Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre -

The Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre has, in it’s 40 years of existence, expanded into its full potential and beauty, starting with Margaret Roberts the founder and continuing with Sandy Roberts her daughter.

The Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre is an extraordinary and exceptional place, designed to teach all about herbs, medicinal foods, natural insecticides and building wellness. It is one of South Africa’s top ten gardens and is totally dedicated to organic farming and organic principles, probably one of South Africa’s 15+ truly organic estates …more

Due to the many lectures and demonstrations we offer to schools, beauty schools, technicons, garden clubs etc, we are only open to the public on a Wednesday 8.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m and the first Saturday of the month and special occasions, but please check the dates and confirm in advance telephonically on 071 161 6441.

In case you don’t get hold of us and due to bad reception, please SMS and we’ll get back to you.

The restaurant, shop, tea garden, nursery and fairy gallery are all open on Wednesdays and open Saturdays. 2023 Brings new lectures and open days – be sure to book in advance and confirm nearer the time.

Origin and home of the Margaret Roberts Lavenders, High Hope Basil and Ginger Rosemary.