Over 2000 years ago Hippocrates wrote: Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. Each one of the substances in a man’s diet , acts upon his body and change it in some way, and upon these changes his whole life depends, whether he be in a health, in sickness or convalescent. To be sure there can be little knowledge more necessary.

Now, as never before we have to reconsider these wise words for in our modern fast-paced, stressed, overwrought and fear-filled lives and we are not coping and we and not glowing with abundant health and well-being.

With Healing foods , prolific author Margaret Roberts brings nature’s pharmacy into our homes and into our lives. Step by step a, and easily accessible, she showcases the super foods and warns of the danger foods , and list the ailments we suffer from, offering comforting natural ways of correcting and rebuilding our health and regaining our vitality.

More than 4500 common and lesser- know vegetables, fruit, herbs, spices and other food plants that are the building blocks of good health are described , covering aspects such as:

  • The plant’s history and origin
  • Instructions on how to grow the plant
  • Medicinal uses and major nutrients
  • Ideas on how to include the plant in the diet, along with recipes
  • Cosmetic and household uses and others interesting facts and hints

The book is essential reading for each of in our quest for heath and energy in an increasingly stress- filled world.

Price: R275.00