The huge gardens laid out in specific styles.

A herbal parterre, a kitchen garden, an indigenous and an international medicinal garden, a cosmetic and fragrant garden, and a fascinating array of small gardens to suit every style and every whim — a bird garden, a destress garden, an aromatherapy garden, a pot-pourri garden, an edible flower garden, a fairy garden, and much more.

The Herbal Centre holds the National Lavender Collection with over 30 named varieties of lavenders, also a basil collection, a breathtaking rosemary collection and now an oreganum collection.

Several plants have cross pollinated and stabilized in the gardens and are named, and now the amazing free flowering “Herbal Centre Giant Lavender” takes pride of place, flanking a colonnade and filling the lavender gardens with a haze of mauve fragrance and butterflies.

Once a year the gardens are open to the public for the “lavender festival” where visitors can walk amongst the different lavenders and then go and buy their favourites from the nursery.

Organic principles and companion planting are practised methodically throughout with great compost heaps in evidence below the gardens and the Herb Nursery produces from mother stock a large array of exciting and unusual herbs, food plants and natural insecticide plants.