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  • Vanilla, Calendula and Neroli Herbal Heat (Individually Priced and Sold)

    Vanilla, Calendula and Neroli Shower Gel R82.00 Spice Soap on a Rope R68.00 Herbal Heat R42.00
  • This book describes more than 100 herbs, food plants and medicinal plants and their companions, with information on how to use plants medicinally and in the home. Separate sections deal with useful weeds, natural sprays, mulches, natural fertilizers and other methods to improve the soil. Companion planting is the age-old practice of planting different plants in close proximity so that the can help one another in some why.  
  • Indigenous Healing Plants Book

    Many of these remedies survive to this day and are used by people of all races countrywide. This volume concentrates on the traditional ways in which indigenous plants have been used medicinally and otherwise in South Africa for centuries. Margaret Roberts, in her inimitable style, shares the story of each plant's history and its various uses - medicinal, in cooking, as natural insect repellents and deodorisers - along with tried-and-tested recipes, as well as brief notes on how to grow it in the garden.
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    Rosemary Shampoo with Conditioner and Tissue Salts for Hair-loss (Individually Priced and Sold)

  • Lavender Hand & Body Lotion

  • Tea Book

    The teas featured in this book, while chosen for their health properties, are also extremely enjoyable, soothing and provide exciting substitutes to traditional beverages. The recipes are simple to follow with clear indication as to which part of the herb to use, and which method of infusion. As the world takes more and more to the idea of using alternative remedies - particularly the use of herbs - there is no better time to introduce the broad variety of herbal teas that provide medicinal and healthy alternatives.  
  • Plantmaats is plante wat mekaar help deurdat hulle ‘n reuk of chemikalieë afskei wat peste en plae afweer, of deurdat hulle voordelige insekte aanlok wat die omliggende plante bestuif of jag maak op skadelike insekte. Sommige plante stel weer voedingstowwe in die grond vry wat deur ander plante gebruik kan word. Die kuns om spesifieke plante naby mekaar te plant sodat hulle mekaar op een of ander manier bevoordeel,word al honderde jare beoefen.    
  • Individually Priced and Sold

    Lemon Grass Liquid Soap R78.00 Lemon Grass Shower Gel R78.00 Hand Cut Soap R35.00
  • More than 4500 common and lesser- know vegetables, fruit, herbs, spices and other food plants that are the building blocks of good health are described. Hippocrates wrote: Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. Over 2000 years ago With Healing foods, prolific author Margaret Roberts brings nature’s pharmacy into our homes and into our lives. The book is essential reading for each of in our quest for heath and energy in an increasingly stress- filled world.  
  • This exquisite cologne rich in lavender essential oils is one of life's little pleasures in the midst of a busy day. Let the field of lavender surround you.
  • In this book Margaret explains how to design a herb garden that will inspire, revitalise and uplift. There is great appeal in the growing of herbs - be it for culinary purposes, for the medicine chest or simply for their fragrance and beauty in the garden. The has selected her 100 favourite herbs, both well-known and unusual, and describes in detail how to grow and use them.
  • Individually Priced and Sold

  • Rich in extracts of Rose, this exquisite skin softening and moisturising wash will keep your hands smooth, it makes washing an experience. Use it lavishly, frequently and also on the feet to soften rough skin.
  • Lavender Hand Cut Soap (Individually Priced and Sold)

    Lavender Foaming Bath Oil R78.00 Hand Cut Soap R35.00 each
  • (Individually Priced and Sold)

    Rose Scented Geranium Foaming Bath Oil R82.00 Hand Cut Soap R35.00
  • PLEASE NOTE: We are situated outside the city. We courier all parcels once a week, ONLY on a Thursday. Please ensure to make all payments and send proof of payment by Wednesday 13h00 * Once you have made the payment, please send your proof of payment to / 086 531 7669. * Please include your full name, cellphone number and nearest Postnet on your proof of payment.
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    A systematic introduction to the world of herbs, it provides information about the basic culinary, medicinal and cosmetic uses of the most common herbs. The herbs are illustrated with colour photographs to help with accurate identification.
  • In this book, Margaret Roberts draws on decades of experience to advise readers on using the 12 key tissue salts to slow the ageing process, promote vitality and enhance health. Each tissue salt is presented in its own chapter, with tips on treating specific ailments; and advice on increasing the intake of the salts through the diet. Considered to be the basic constituents of our bones, blood, organs and muscles, they are easily absorbed by the human body, with no side-effects.
  • In 100 New Herbs she introduces readers to an exciting range of new plants that can be used in the kitchen, and medicinally. Margaret offers practical advice on how and when to plant, grow and harvest the featured herbs.  
  • Individually Priced

    Lavender Foaming Bath Oil R78.00 Hand Cut Soap R35.00 each
  • Rosemary Shampoo with Conditioner and Tissue Salts for Hair-loss (Individually Priced and Sold)

    Rosemary Shampoo R78.00 Rosemary Conditioner R78.00 Tissue Salts Combination Hair Loss R95.00
  • Car Freshner 3 Pack Rose Lemon Grass and Lavender (Individually Priced and Sold)

    Rose Car Freshner R35 Lemon Grass Car Freshner R35.00 Lavender Car Freshner R35.00 Car Freshner 3 Pack Rose, Lemon Grass and Lavender R90.00
  • The Lavender Book is a succinct yet comprehensive guide to the lavender types and varieties suitable to local conditions and is intended to get you outdoors and growing your own lavender without further ado. The use of lavender medicinally, in aromatherapy and as an insect repellant will appeal to the growing body of concerned people who aspire to a more natural organic way of life.  
  • This book brings together an extraordinary collection of more than 80 flowers, trees and herbs that not only give a magnificent show in the garden, but also have remarkable healing properties and can be used in cooking and as cosmetic alternatives. Each plant is dealt with in detail with growing advice as well as how to use it medicinally and deliciously. Gardening and cooking are two of the world's favourite pastimes, and what greater joy can there be that creating a garden of beauty and bountiful health?    
  • Individually Priced and Sold

    Rose Foaming Bath Oil R78.00 Hand Cut Soap R35.00 each
  • Car Freshner 3 Pack Rose Lemon Grass and Lavender (Individually Priced and Sold)

    Rose Car Freshner R35 Lemon Grass Car Freshner R35.00 Lavender Car Freshner R0.00 Car Freshner 3 Pack Rose, Lemon Grass and Lavender R90.00
  • <h3><em><strong>Men’s Shaving Stick (Individually Priced and Sold) </strong></em></h3> Mens Range Baobab Soap on a Rope R85.00 Herbal Extracts Shower Gel R82.00 Men’s Shaving Stick R42.00
  • Individually Priced and Sold

    Bergamot Orange Liquid Soap R82.00 Hand Cut Soap R35.00
  • In this follow-up to Tissues Salts for Health Living, Margaret Roberts focuses on using tissue salts to enhance the development and wellbeing of children, from infancy to the teenage years. The 12 key tissue salts are minerals that should be present in our bodies in perfect balance to ensure optimal health. These remarkable salts are found in the Earth s rocks and soil, and in food grown organically in mineral-rich soil.
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