Give yourself time in the fascinating shop, where you literally shop till you drop! One moment lavender is heady, the next jasmine, then wafts of honeysuckle and the haunting fragrance of forest morning fills your very soul.

Almost everything is manufactured on the premises for the shop, including the cosmetics, the bath products, the scented ranges, room sprays, peace pillows, sachets, even fragrant drawer liners, and a mass of pottery, mostly with a lavender theme that is functional, unusual and exciting. The pot-pourri range is fragrant and breathtakingly beautiful, with essential oils and the pot-pourri oils to satisfy every taste.

And there are books to tell you how to make your own. The cookery selection of gourmet herbs, spices, salts, oils and vinegars, is so full of variety, you’ll not know where to begin. Try some honey mustard, some raspberry vinegar and some cajun spice. Then there’s rosella jam, rose petal syrup and marula jelly. Then go and have some lemon grass tea and a herb muffin with mulberry jam made from the mulberry trees, and start all over again!