The Lavender Book

It all began with a pink satin sachet that my grandmother made to celebrate the birth of my second child. I had to leave my first farm under heartbreaking circumstances. Bereft of all my first herbs and fragrant plants , I had to start from scratch on a hot dry mountain slope. I found four seeds in my baby’s pink sachet and planted them. Tree germinated and from these three seedlings I built up the Herbal center Lavender collection.

Margaret Roberts’ awe-inspiring knowledge in the field of herbs has long been an inspiration to serious gardens and commercials growers. The Lavender Book is a succinct yet comprehensive guide to the lavender types and varieties suitable to local conditions and is intended to get you outdoors and growing your own lavender without further ado. Using her own trails at the Herbal Center , she offers practical instruction on propagating , planting, nurturing and harvesting lavender.

Also include in this collection of lavender wisdom is a treasure trove of original recipe and craft ideas. Recipes follow a clear step-by-step format and are interwoven with useful hints and tips. The use of lavender medicinally, in aromatherapy and as an insect repellant will appeal to the growing body of concerned people who aspire to a more natural organic way of life.

This is the ultimate book on lavender for the gardener , the commercial grower, the craftsman , the cook , the beauty therapist and everyone else in between.

Price: R195.00