Once you become a labyrinth walker, you’ll become fascinated and want to walk others, as we did.

This design comes from Chatres Cathedral in France in the 11th century and has been copied for Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Now labyrinths are making their curative presence felt across the world at hospitals, medial centres, prisons and old age home and schools for children with ADD problems and hyperactivity, because it engages their minds and helps them to concentrate on walking on the light pavers like nothing else can.

We laid down the first plans for this labyrinth in 1999, which is on of the first in Africa. Our dream would be to have labyrinths at every clinic, every hospital, every school, every university, where students can run it at lunch breaks to clear their mind and inviting that moving meditation we all so sorely need, a prescription for a problem, a stress unravelled, a meditation in motion, a healing experience.

We hope you enjoy the experience with us!